Tue 7th Jul 2020 2:30pm

After a flurry of guidance and protocols, productions are now having to grapple with the practical reality of getting back to shooting. We now know more about the virus, how it spreads and how to guard against it. We know it’s a workplace risk and can be assessed and managed, but to do that you need to understand the basic biology of it to navigate past the myths and misinformation out there. 

Join Paul Greeves, MD of First Option Safety and Sean Derrig their consultant microbiologist to hear the latest developments on:

Tuesday 7th July
2.30 - 3.30pm
Online Zoom session

Topics to be covered:

• Virology for Dummies

• Where the risks are - and aren’t – what’s the current data?

• What kills it / sensible interventions

• To test or not to test?

• How it’s working on real productions right now

• Key messages / actions

• Answering your questions

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