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The Pinewood Group is very aware of its environmental responsibilities and has developed a comprehensive, Board reviewed Environmental Policy. This Policy seeks to minimise the adverse impact on the environment from the Group’s activities, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, to reduce CO2 emissions and to continuously improve its environmental performance.

Practical measures in support of this policy that have been implemented include:

  • Recycling facilities at Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington Studios
  • Increased number of shuttle buses and number of services to local transport hubs
  • Measuring and monitoring CO2 emissions
  • Green Travel Plan promotional activities

The recycling facility at Pinewood has significantly reduced the number of lorry movements to and from the site and continues to divert large amounts of waste away from landfill. The different waste streams that are being recycled at Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington are regularly monitored, with productions and tenants being actively encouraged to recycle as much waste as possible.

New Travel Plan measures have been introduced to reduce the number of vehicles arriving at all sites, to cut the subsequent CO2 emissions and to promote sustainable travel and wellbeing. These measures are in excess of those the Group is currently required to implement by the respective County Councils.

Improvements to the shuttle bus timetables, the provision of additional services and the employment of larger buses have resulted in an increase in the total number of passenger journeys made on both the Shepperton and Pinewood shuttle bus services. The 2010 Shepperton passenger figures of 11,325 showed an increase of 11% on the 2009 figure (10,198).

Similarly, the 2010 Pinewood total of 67,256 showed a 19% increase on the 2009 figures (56,546).

Pinewood Shepperton is a full participant in the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC), which aims to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing energy consumption. The Group has successfully completed registration with the CRC scheme and continues to comply with the regulations. The Group aims to comply with the Government’s stated aim of reducing CO2 emissions by setting a target of reducing its own emissions by 10% in 2011 (in relation to 2010’s benchmark).

This will be achieved by:

Reporting CO2 emissions on a monthly basis to the Finance Director

Installing a comprehensive system of Automatic Meter Readers on all gas and electricity supplies

Appointing an Environmental Manager to oversee the reduction target

Creation of a ‘Green Team’ and ‘Green Champions’ across the Group

Installing energy efficient products wherever possible.

For further any queries relating to sustainability for The Pinewood Group, please contact: [javascript protected email address]

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