Albert+ Sustainable Production

Albert+ is an industry project that was originally devised by the BBC, a founding member of BAFTA’s Albert consortium. Together, this group is working to promote sustainability in the production process so that audiences across the UK can enjoy great programming that doesn’t cost the earth.

Albert+ Sustainable Production

What is it?

Albert+ is a mark of sustainability which indicates that the programme has taken steps to manage and reduce its environmental impact during production.

Kevin Price, BAFTA COO, "The issue of sustainability is truly global but how we rise to the challenge of reducing our impact must be industry specific. A collaborative approach is a sensible step in the right direction and one which reflects the magnitude of the challenge in hand."

How has it been done? 

The consortium has devised a process and assessment to follow based on best environmental practice. Achieving a certain number of tasks leads to the production being awarded the Albert+ badge.

Why has this been done? 

Certification with the scheme rewards production teams who have embedded sustainable principles into their shows and allows them to effectively communicate their green credentials with the broadcasting industry and audiences.

What does it mean?

If you see the Albert+ mark attached to a programme, you can be sure of three things:

  • direction on sustainability issues has been led by somebody at the top
  • accurate measurement of the production’s environmental footprint has been undertaken
  • procedures have been put in place to reduce the environmental impact of the production

On a practical level, during the creation of the programme, the cast and crew have:

  • adopted a planned approach to their environmental impact
  • sought to reduce their travel wherever possible
  • used resources sensibly and managed waste responsibly
  • limited their power consumption

How are productions measured?

Albert+ rewards productions who provide evidence that they promote sustainability on set, adopt best practice and reduce their carbon footprint against standard industry practice. Based on the number of initiatives attempted, a production may receive a 1, 2 or 3 star rating provided they have also tackled certain mandatory questions, i.e.

  • Has responsibility for sustainability been given to a senior member of staff?
  • Are sets and props made from sustainably sourced materials?
  • Has the production reduced international air travel and/or mainland UK air travel?

Hattie Park, BBC Sustainability Manager. “Our audiences expect it – in audience surveys the message comes back loud and clear that the majority feel it’s important to them that the businesses and services they use are environmentally responsible. We take that message very seriously.”

How is it verified?

Albert+ was originally devised at the BBC, contributed to and peer-reviewed by members of the BAFTA Albert consortium, and reviewed by a panel of sustainability experts who advise the BBC. Each application for the mark is also audited by an independent audit team.

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