Supporting the UK production industry

PGGB works with its members and industry bodies both in the UK and internationally to ensure we are protecting the future success of the UK production industry and as a result protecting future work for our members.

The Production Guild represents the interests of experienced senior and junior film and TV production professionals both within the United Kingdom as well as overseas.

We provide strong support to our membership, taking an active role in negotiations for new industry legislation and agreements and keeping in regular contact with production companies, broadcasters and major US studios regarding the professional availability of our members.

We encourage professionalism by providing information, advice, events and training to our members on all current legal, financial, fiscal, and commercial developments within the US, UK and European production environments. 

We continue to be the voice of UK production by consulting and advising daily on production issues within the UK and Internationally, working closely with the UK's leading film and TV bodies.

To be able to influence best practice throughout the industry we also work in partnership with companies who provide production services. We have seven Business Partners and over 90 Affiliate Companies, all of whom provide valuable support and services to the UK production industry.

We work with international production companies and organisations to provide access to information to our members and for our members to be recognised internationally. We have partnered with The Producers Guild of America and The Producers Guild of Italy and this is a growing area of our work.

Producer's Guild of AmericaProducers Guild of Italy

Our aim is to come together as one voice to lead, direct and guide our members, ensuring they are supported by a professional body representing their concerns.

Production Guild's Industry Partners

We are proud to have sixteen business partners and over 100 affiliate companies who supply specialised services to the production industry. All of these companies have been approved by The Production Guild Board.

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There is a level of quality of people that belong to The Production Guild that is a reassurance to producers, financiers, production companies and studios - both in the UK and internationally. The Production Guild brings together all the expertise that we have in the UK under one roof.

Callum McDougall, Executive Producer, SPECTRE, Into the Woods, Skyfall

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