Member Availability

You can find the right production professionals through our renowned and respected availability service.

If you are looking for experienced junior and senior production crew to work on your feature or TV drama we can help.

We provide an availability service to UK and international productions looking for our members working in accounts, production, assistant directing, location management, post production and VFX.

We can tailor availability lists to the specific requirements of each production outlining our members with the right skills and experience who are available for work.

Each member entry on the list provides productions with the member’s contact and details and the last 5 productions they worked on. This enables you to get an idea of the scale and complexity of their production experience and whether they mostly work in feature film or TV drama production.

Alternatively, if you are a Producer looking for personnel you can become a Production Guild member and you will be able to search and view across the entire Full Membership of the Production Guild. You will be able to search by Name, Grade, Production, Overseas Location, Language and IT Skills and secure the details of the member who best fits your production.

I regularly use the availability service when crewing up a new production. This service shows me what members are available for work, outlining their most up to date credits and work history - all of which helps to recruit the best production crew in the business.

Simon Emanuel, Producer - Solo: A Star Wars Story, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, UPM - Star Wars: Episode VII - the Force Awakens, Fast and Furious 6

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