How to use the new and improved availability service

We have updated our Members Search feature. You can now create your own availability lists and better represent your availability to productions and other members.

To help you utilise the new improved services on the member’s database we’d like to highlight two major developments.

These are:

  • The ability to add more detail to your member profile to better represent your availability to help productions who are crewing up
  • The new shortlist functionality that gives you the ability to easily create and share your own digital and PDF availability list style shortlists through the website directly.


Our new shortlists feature gives members the power to:

• See full information about all members on a shortlist on one page, including their recent credits, skills and experience and contact details.

• Easily create a PDF of your shortlist to send to yourself or another colleague via e-mail directly through the website.

Running an availability search

1. On the member search page search by either entering a name in the search box or by selecting a member grade

2. Set the ‘availability from’ date as the date you ideally need the person to start.

3. Adding an ‘available to’ date is optional

4. Select other filters as appropriate

5. Results will show on the main page as you filter. Members are ordered by most recently updated profiles at the top. An upcoming update will also enable you to sort results in order of name and by availability dates.

6. If your search returns a large number of results you can increase the number you can see on one page by changing the Per Page view from 20 to 50 or 100.

How to create a shortlist after running a member or availability search

1. Click the “New Shortlist” button at the top of the filter menu. Your new shortlist will appear above.

2. Click “shortlist all results” under your shortlist to add all members or add individuals by clicking the “Shortlist” button on each member.

View your shortlist

1. Click “View Shortlist” under your shortlist name in the filter menu. You will see your shortlist with everyone’s credits, professional skills and experience and contact details on one page.

2. Remove members from your shortlist by clicking the “remove from shortlist” button on each person’s entry.

Create a PDF version of your shortlist and share it with colleagues

1. Click “Share” at the top and enter your recipients. Choose more by clicking “Add new recipient”.

2. Click “Send” and the website will send your recipients an e-mail from us with your PDF shortlist attached.

Accessing your shortlists

1. Access your shortlists from the member search page until deleted.

2. To delete a shortlist, click “Delete” at the top of your shortlist page.

3. Rename your shortlists by click the “Rename” button in the same location.


Improved availability service for members and productions

We’d like to remind you to update your availability on the new PG website and make sure you’re using our powerful member and availability search upgrades, which enable us to better represent our members availability and experience to productions crewing up.

1. Availability blocks

If members have multiple blocks of upcoming availability over a longer period of time, these can now be factored in to the updated availability system.

2. Extra availability information

Members now have a new field to enter extra information about their availability that they feel would be useful for employers to know right away. This may include information about their availability for part-time work, regions they’re looking to work in, if they’re moving up grades or looking for other types of work. This text will appear within the boxes for each member on the member search page, on shortlists and member profile pages.

Availability dates, blocks and extra information can all be updated from the “Availability” tab in your edit profile area. Access edit profile by going to Menu > My Profile > Edit Profile.

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