Supporting Inclusivity

The Production Guild aims for its services to be delivered equitably and meet the diverse needs of our members. We also strive to provide equal access to opportunities to those entering the industry. Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Group launched in 2020 aims to increase visibility of diverse production personnel and help mid-level career progress through the ranks.

Supporting inclusivity within the production industry

The Production Guild promotes equality and diversity within its membership and through all of our training courses and events. Our aim is to promote an inclusive culture for all our members, staff and trainees.

We do this by respecting and valuing individual differences and not treating our members, staff or trainees differently on the basis of race, ethnicity, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, experience, opinion, belief or any other factor.

The Production Guild recognises the difficulties many new entrants face when trying to find work in the film and TV drama industry. We aim to find new routes into the production industry for people from all backgrounds and to open them up to as many people as possible.

Organisations that can help you build a diverse crew

The following resources provide lists of the organisations that can help feature film and HETV drama productions cast a wide net when recruiting and building their teams:

The Digital Orchard Foundation's Equality in Focus Guide - Provides guidance on training, action plans, and resources for improving diversity and inclusion within the sector. Page 32 onwards lists organisations that can help productions crew up.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Contacts List by Bianca Gavin - A comprehensive guide with overviews, contact details, and links to organisations working around this space for scripted content. Updated November 2020.

Look Beyond The List - This website links to talent lists, training schemes, industry support, festivals, and other action taking bodies that support diversity and inclusion within the film and TV sector.


The Production Guild works in partnership with the charity MAMA YOUTH. The organisation aims to increase diversity in the TV and film industry and curb unemployment for young people.

We support Mama Youth through a number of initiatives, including raising money for them at The Production Guild awards. Our primary aim is to help raise the profile of their work and the skills of their trainees to Production Guild members and the film and TV drama industry as a whole.

I had had an interest in the TV and film industry for a while when I found out that the Production Guild were running a short course, which I was delighted to secure a place on. The tutor and guest speakers provided valuable advice and different ways to break into the industry including CV tips. Following on from the course I was able to get my first production role. I am excited to have started my career within the industry and I am enjoying every moment. Thank you Production Guild for this great opportunity.

Huong Canh, Trainee - Opening Doors Runner Training

London Film Festival Who's in your crew panelists 2017

On Friday 8th September, the BFI held a Who's in your crew panel at the London Film Festival. The event was introduced by Jen Smith, head of inclusion at the BFI and chaired by Alison Small, chief executive of the Production Guild.

Meet the panellists
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