An inclusive culture for our members and trainees

The Production Guild aims for its services to be delivered equitably and meet the diverse needs of our members. We also strive to provide equal access to opportunities to those entering the industry. Our Diversity and Inclusion Action Group launched in 2020 aims to increase visibility of diverse production personnel and help mid-level career progress through the ranks.

Supporting inclusivity within the production industry

The Production Guild promotes equality and diversity within its membership and through all of our training courses and events. Our aim is to promote an inclusive culture for all our members, staff and trainees.

We do this by respecting and valuing individual differences and not treating our members, staff or trainees differently on the basis of race, ethnicity, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, experience, opinion, belief or any other factor.

The Production Guild recognises the difficulties many new entrants face when trying to find work in the film and TV drama industry. We aim to find new routes into the production industry for people from all backgrounds and to open them up to as many people as possible.

Organisations that can help you build a diverse crew

The following resources provide lists of the organisations that can help feature film and HETV drama productions cast a wide net when recruiting and building their teams:

The Digital Orchard Foundation's Equality in Focus Guide - Provides guidance on training, action plans, and resources for improving diversity and inclusion within the sector. Page 32 onwards lists organisations that can help productions crew up.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Contacts List by Bianca Gavin - A comprehensive guide with overviews, contact details, and links to organisations working around this space for scripted content. Updated November 2020.

Look Beyond The List - This website links to talent lists, training schemes, industry support, festivals, and other action taking bodies that support diversity and inclusion within the film and TV sector.


The Production Guild works in partnership with the charity MAMA YOUTH. The organisation aims to increase diversity in the TV and film industry and curb unemployment for young people.

We support Mama Youth through a number of initiatives, including raising money for them at The Production Guild awards. Our primary aim is to help raise the profile of their work and the skills of their trainees to Production Guild members and the film and TV drama industry as a whole.

PGGB Diversity and Inclusion Action Group

In 2020, The Production Guild of Great Britain (PGGB) launched a new Diversity and Inclusion Action Group (DIAG) tasked with shaping an action plan to improve diversity in the UK’s film and television production workforce behind the camera.

The DIAG comprises 35 PGGB members working in high level positions in a range of fields across film and TV production including production office, accounts, locations, assistant directing, post-production and VFX. Members will share personal testimonies of barriers or discrimination they have encountered throughout their careers and reflect on their own experiences, to help inform targeted initiatives to be taken forward by PGGB.

The DIAG is chaired by Production Manager Malika Keswani (UK Non-Fiction, London); Vice Chairs are Chika Anisiobi (Production Finance Manager - UK Non-Fiction, Netflix) and Producer Mia Martell (moVRshaker productions).

Professor Lyndsay Duthie, PGGB CEO says, “Whilst we’re all focused on keeping UK production flowing through the pandemic, we know that a commitment to improving diversity and inclusion in film and TV workplace must underpin all that we do. Our new Diversity and Inclusion Action Group is bringing the right people together to help us move forward initiatives that will create a more equal industry. There is much work to do, not just in senior roles but all parts of the production office, from producing to location management to accounting. We are the voice of UK ‘behind-the-camera’ talent and the lived experience of our members in the DIAG will be invaluable in deciding which steps to take to improve pathways and remove barriers for those who are underrepresented, including on the basis of ethnicity, disability, socio-economic background, sexuality or gender.”

Malika Keswani, Chair of the Diversity Action Group & PGGB Board Member says: “I’m excited to take on this role to create a real impact when it comes to diversity in the workplace. I believe we are uniquely positioned to tackle the issue together and slowly change the perception towards BAME talent. It's unfortunate that in most cases unconscious bias towards people of ethnic origin costs them some amazing opportunities including leadership roles. I’d like to change these misconceptions and prejudices and encourage people to go beyond target setting to meet inclusivity standards. I passionately believe that through practical initiatives, including ‘on the job’ training for all levels including mid-senior level roles, we can improve inclusion and empowerment across the workforce.”

Chika Anisiobi, Vice Chair says: “I’m pleased to be Vice Chair of this group as I strongly believe it is time for sustained action. In my 17 years in this industry, very little appears to have changed. Everything is positive and hopeful when stories about discrimination and injustice are in the news but when the story disappears from the front pages, so does the appetite for change. I hope this group will bring about lasting improvements so that in another 17 years the diversity debate will have moved on. I’m only working in this industry because the PGGB intentionally went outside of the industry, outside of London to the regions, and made an effort to recruit people into the APATS scheme who had no connection with the film and TV industry, people who were otherwise unlikely to have access to such opportunities.”

Mia Martell, Vice Chair says: “The work begins with a belief that a situation can change and a desire to be a part of that change. As Vice Chair of PGGB’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Group, I want to use that belief and desire to make a substantial difference in the way the film and television industry is perceived and operates in the areas of diversity and inclusion.”

PGGB’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Group will meet monthly to devise and consider a range of initiatives to be actioned, from training to mentorship. The DIAG aims to increase visibility of diverse production personnel and help mid-level career progress through the ranks. PGGB members are directly involved with hiring production office personnel and crews, with a real opportunity to influence the make up of production teams.

You can see the members of our Diversity and Inclusion Action Group below.

PGGB Diversity and Inclusion Action Group

Malika Keswani (Chair), Production Manager (UK Non-Fiction)

Malika is a driven individual with senior production management experience gained and applied at blue chip organisations within Unscripted. Malika's experience…

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Mia Martell (Vice-Chair), Producer

Mia Martell is a Producer and Pragmatic Optimist.She has worked on over 50 film, television and digital productions and has filmed in 30 countries.In addition to…

View profile

Chika Anisiobi (Vice-Chair), Production Accountant

Chika Anisiobi is Production Finance Manager (UK Non-Fiction) for Netflix. Midlands born and bred, Chika moved to London “for the chance to see my name in lights…

View profile

Alex Boden, Producer

Alex Boden is a film and TV producer working in the UK and internationally, specialising in co-productions and international productions. He most recently produced…

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Ali Moshref, SVP Production, Film Finances Inc.

Ali has been a Production Executive at Film Finances Limited since 2011, working on between 10 and 15 projects a year. Film Finances provides completion guarantees…

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Alice Dawson, Co-Producer

Alice has worked on British independent films for the last 20 years, first as a Production Accountant and then as a Production Manager, Line Producer and Co-Producer.…

View profile

Andy Noble, Producer

Andy is an Emmy-nominated Producer with dual British / Irish nationality, based in London. With 20 years experience in the industry he has worked in Feature Films,…

View profile

Angela Murray, Line Producer

Angela Murray is a Glasgow based Line Producer and Producer with over twenty years experience working in the film and television industry across the UK and Ireland.…

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Anita Overland, Producer

Along with Mike Elliott, Anita Overland recently produced Director Steve McQueen’s anthology series of 5 films “Small Axe” due for transmission on the BBC…

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Anna Mansi, Head of Certification, BFI

As Head of Certification, Anna works closely with key stakeholders in government and across the Screen Sectors to provide advice and guidance on the application…

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Bianca Gavin, Head of Production

Bianca Gavin is the Head of Production for scripted productions at Pulse Films. This followed her role as Senior Production Executive for EU scripted originals…

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Christopher Granier-Deferre, Producer

Christopher is a freelance producer with a career spanning over thirty years, five continents and a brief spell in ‘zero G’. He began as a runner, moved through…

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Cindy Irving, Line Producer

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Ed Gramolt, Company Director, The Film Office

Ed Gramolt is a Company Director at The Film Office. They are responsible for managing all commercial film and photography activity for various London Borough Councils…

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Gary Brown, Creative Director, Technicolor

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Gavin Weatherall, Operations Director, The Wire Rig Company

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Georgette Turner, UPM and Location Manager

Working as a UPM and Supervising Location Manager for fifteen years Georgette has worked her way up the ladder to be a leading member of the UK film industry. Serving…

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Imogen Gay, Production Manager

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Jacqueline Graham, Production Accountant

Jacqueline has been in the Finance field for almost 30yrs (10yrs - Corporate & 20yrs - Film/TV).She has seen a change in the industry in regards to women in…

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Jacquie Glanville, Line Producer, BBC

View profile

Jason Morrow, Supervising Producer

Jason T. Morrow (pronouns: he, him, his) is a Supervising Producer for Technicolor London, overseeing Front End Services, which includes Dailies and Technicolor’s…

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Jen Rooks, Production Manager

With over 10 years of National and International experience in the Production Department of films and high end TV drama, Jen has recently stepped up to Production…

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Jessamyn Keogh, Assistant Accountant

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Judith Bantock, Head of Production, Baby Cow Productions

Judith Bantock is Head of Production at Baby Cow Productions. She started her career as a secretary at the BBC 'many moons ago' and worked her way up through the…

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Kate Rolfe, Foundation Director - Digital Orchard Foundation

Kate Rolfe heads up the Digital Orchard Foundation, which focuses on supporting talent progression for individuals from underrepresented groups in technical…

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Matthew Lawson, Production Accountant

I have been working in the film & television industry for approaching 12 years with credits including The King’s Speech, Downton Abbey, Star Wars: The Force…

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Roopesh Parekh, Executive Producer

Roopesh Parekh is currently an Executive Producer at Lucasfilm and has predominately worked in the HETV space. His most recent credits include Series Producer on…

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Sabbir Ahmed, Production Accountant

Sabbir has been freelancing in the Film & TV industry as an accountant and controller for over 15 years; having worked in over 20 countries across 5 continents,…

View profile

Samantha Brayson, Accountant

If people in powerful positions continue to hire and cast only people who look like them, sound like them, come from the same neighborhoods they grew up in, they…

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Sarah Lazarides, Partner, Harbottle & Lewis LLP

Sarah Lazarides advises clients on a broad range of commercial issues in the media and entertainment sector, primarily surrounding the development, production,…

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Tony Hood, Location Manager

I am a Location Manager and a Co-Founder of Circles crewing app. 20+ years of location managing has shown me the difficulties of getting started in this industry…

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Veronica Barnett, Assistant Accountant

Since starting in the film industry in 2014 I have been lucky enough to work on a variety of productions, both big and small.I have recently been involved in several…

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I had had an interest in the TV and film industry for a while when I found out that the Production Guild were running a short course, which I was delighted to secure a place on. The tutor and guest speakers provided valuable advice and different ways to break into the industry including CV tips. Following on from the course I was able to get my first production role. I am excited to have started my career within the industry and I am enjoying every moment. Thank you Production Guild for this great opportunity.

Huong Canh, Trainee - Opening Doors Runner Training

London Film Festival Who's in your crew panelists 2017

On Friday 8th September, the BFI held a Who's in your crew panel at the London Film Festival. The event was introduced by Jen Smith, head of inclusion at the BFI and chaired by Alison Small, chief executive of the Production Guild.

Meet the panellists
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