Datasat Media 25% off all system hire

 25% off all system hire

Datasat Media is offering PG members a 25% discount on their location internet systems and video streaming hardware for the duration of your production. They specialise in supplying location internet to Unit Base and Set, for film & TV dramas, and streaming video to various destinations.

Have you ever used video streaming or considered it? Datasat Media can set up cameras to film and then stream to those cast and crew members not available to attend in person.

Examples of where video streaming could help you include:

  • Script read throughs;
  • A director on the main unit who wants to view 2nd unit on another location;
  • Stream direct into an edit suite for an offline sequence;
  • Stunt routines and costume fittings that need approval.

Whatever the need Datasat Media can provide these services. Please contact either Chris Stevens or Neil Blewett on: 01923 592244. For general enquiries click here.

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