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The Post Production Executive is an integral part of the in-house production team, helping oversee all productions by providing day-to-day support to freelance post production teams, as well as working closely with the in-house Production Executive and Director of Production.

Fri 24th Jul 2020

Permanent / Contract | Greater London | Left Bank Pictures | Closed

Key responsibilities include: 

Per Project 

• Working with Producers and EPs over appointments of Post Producers/Supervisors/Coordinators 

• Point of contact with Post team on each project 

• Budgeting for shows to include picture and sound quotes and providing advice for Production Execs on VFX allocations etc 

• Liaising with Business Affairs, Broadcaster and Sony to ensure correct deliverables understood early on 

• Attending Start Up Meeting and run section regarding Post 

• Chaperoning early discussions on camera choice, camera specs, aspect ratios, compression rates etc. to ensure the necessary deliverables can be produced 

• Oversee the rushes workflows per project and ensure they fulfil the requirements of LBP and Insurers – working with Production and Production Execs to obtain insurance sign-off 

• Appointing rushes viewing systems per show; creating relationships with viewing platforms in order to formulate the best deals 

• When Producer etc are on board manage approval process for post houses to ensure they are in line with LBP’s expectations 

• Liaise with 1st Option Health & Safety and Insurers, Post Production teams and LBP on Health and Safety requirements and safeguards as regards post houses etc 

• Scrutinize post production schedules and discuss their impact on CEO and EPs in the light of their other work loads

• Always working towards contractual delivery dates per show and updating Senior Management on progress 

• Working together with Finance to ensure Broadcasters are invoiced in a timely manner and taking delivery of and keeping on file all proofs of delivery for any auditing requirements

• Ensuring the LBP Production Guidelines include all pertinent Post points

• Music clearances with Music Supervisors and Music Publishers 

• Viewing rushes daily • Monitoring post production paperwork and ensuring delivery of all paperwork items in timely fashion

• Liaising with Productions and Business Affairs re licenses and contracts for post vendors such as titles companies, VFX companies etc 

• Checking contracts and producing credits info for front and end credits and ensuring correct sign off procedure is carried out 

• Seeing through final deliveries to each broadcaster, Sony & LBP including physical deliveries where necessary 

• DVD covers (following credits) • Distribution of DVDs/clips to cast/crew as per contractual obligations and reasonable requests. 

• Working with any Press and Marketing teams to provide elements they require to market the shows 

• Coordinating Awards applications from LBP side with IJPR 

• Assistance with clearances (in addition to music) especially screening locked cuts for any potential clearance issues 

• Screenings Arrangements

Internal responsibilities:

• Managing Left Bank’s long term storage interests and assisting productions with storage 

• Moving LTOs and Drives as appropriate and maintaining logs as to where everything is per show and informing insurers of such activities where appropriate

• Dealing with any material/clips requests which come in from third parties

• Coordination and distribution of internal Post Production Schedules and Contacts for Left Bank Pictures 

• Meeting new post crew and compiling and updating crew charts and availability charts with Coordinator to ensure LBP are able to have the best crew available per show 

• Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with post production, visual effects and main titles vendors – mindful that projects will have a range of budgets 

• Establishing links with foreign post houses for rushes work etc ie Deluxe Madrid for White Lines, Colorfront Budapest for Strike Back, Refinery Cape Town for Origin 

• Keeping abreast of regional post houses and what they can provide 

• Keeping up to date with all the latest technologies ie HDR, Atmos, and their corresponding workflows 

• Examining and implementing new methods of data storage etc 

• Attending courses if required to update technical knowledge

Knowledge and experience:

• A deep knowledge of how the post production process works in the UK, as well as familiarity and relationships with many reputable post production service facilities, main titles houses, and visual effects facilities

• The skill to multi-task and prioritise a workload effectively under pressure

• Experience supervising the editorial process and delivering to a variety of broadcasters

• A strong background in visual effects and the visual effects process for 4K and premium content

• Thorough understanding of the entire pipeline from camera capture through to final delivery

• Extensive knowledge of digital filmmaking; deliverables requirements, cameras, lenses, 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR, Dolby Atmos

• The ability to maintain good communication with Producers, Editors and Post Production Supervisors during prep, shoot, post and delivery, and be able to trouble-shoot music, archive and compliance issues as well as advise on post-production paperwork

Personal specification:

• You will need to be bright, enthusiastic, organised and self-motivated

• You will need to have the ability to multi-task and to be able to define priorities

• Confidence to recognise and deal with arising problems/issues

• You will need to have the ability to think on your feet, use your initiative to focus on the requirements of any given situation whilst at the same time being able to relate to your overall goals

• A good knowledge of standard software including Excel, Word etc but also a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere, Avid etc a plus

• You will need to pursue answers to questions effectively

• The successful candidate will be able to multi-task, organize, work to deadlines, liaise with all production crew and post production houses. You will need to be available to travel if need be and be able to work flexible hours. You need to be a team player, diligent and have an eye for detail. A good sense of humor is very useful!


• This is a full time position and salary will be dependent on experience.

• The start date is ideally 10th August 2020, for a two-week handover with the outgoing Post Executive.

Please email CVs to: [javascript protected email address]

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