PG Awards 2016, Winner - The Night Manager team

The production team on The Night Manager (The Ink Factory) have been announced as winners of the Production Guild Member/Team of the Year Award, in association with Panavision.

Shot over 75 days in four countries, this contemporary interpretation of John le Carré’s spy drama brings together love, loss and revenge in a story about modern criminality with lavish locations, stunning set-pieces and stellar performances. The series was developed, financed and produced by The Ink Factory and co-produced by AMC and the BBC. Nominated for 12 Emmys and winning Emmys for director Susanne Bier as well as composer Victor Reyes, it has been sold to over 180 countries internationally, with the finale on the BBC watched by nearly 10m viewers.

The team comprises Production Guild members:

  • Associate Producer Jose Luis Escolar and Line Producer Matthew Patnick
  • Unit Production Manager Clare Finnegan and Production Co-ordinator Juliette Woodcock
  • Chief Accountant Robin Green, 1st Assistant Accountant Nikki Chamberlin, Payroll Accountant Amanda Fernie, Assistant Accountant/Cashier Kamlesh Acheson, and Accounts Assistant Carmela Caruso
  • 1st Assistant Director (Devon) Martin Krauka, 1st Assistant Director (Mallorca) Neil Wallace and 2nd Assistant Director (Crowd – UK shoot) James Adkin
  • Supervising Location Manager Tom Howard, Location Manager Caspar Mill and Location Co-ordinator Jessica Woodland
  • London Contact, Travel, Accommodation & Shipping Co-ordinator Arabella Gilbert

The production was overseen by Head of Physical Production at The Ink Factory and Production Guild member Jane Frazer.

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