Thu 15th Apr 2021 1pm

We invite you to join The Film and TV Charity for the next in our series of masterclasses - The Whole Picture Programme on:

Thursday 15th April
Online Zoom session

Working in production can be very challenging, especially during the pandemic. In fact recent research by the Film and TV Charity indicated that 9 in 10 of film and TV professionals have experienced a mental health problem. This session will cover some of the key research findings that demonstrate the industry is in the midst of a mental health crisis, whilst also covering the problematic conditions and culture that must be addressed to create healthier, happier work environments.

The session will look at:

  • An overview of The Fim and TV Charity.
  • What wellbeing support is already out there – including their 24/7 FREE support line, counselling, financial and legal advice and grants.
  • Their research findings – the industry’s mental health crisis.
  • How has the pandemic changed things….for better and worse.
  • The industry movement for better mental health – what support and change will there be over the next 2 years?
  • A spotlight on new industry anti-bullying services.
  • A spotlight on the forthcoming Toolkit for Mentally Healthy Productions – opportunities to pilot.
  • Ways to get involved and reflections.

Members and Affiliates will be sent details to register for this event.

Lucy Powell, Community Support Lead
Valeria Bullo, Lead for Mentally Healthy productions

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