How to raise film and TV finance in the UK

Looking to raise finance for a UK feature or TV drama? Know about the different UK funding options and opportunities?

Our seminar 'Creative strategies for raising film and TV finance in the UK' sponsored by Microsoft and in association with Sargent-Disc will guide you through different strategies for financing feature films and TV drama in the UK - and look at the implications for each source of funding.

Taking place on Tuesday 30th June at Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, our speakers include: Laurence Sargent (Chair), Director Sargent Disc; Nick Hirschkorn, Producer (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell), Ali Moshref, Film Finances, Pauline Burt, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Chris Smith, Managing Director at Romelle Swire and Cassandra Sigsgaard, Producer (Nina Forever).

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