The Scheme

We aim to facilitate the bridging of knowledge gaps, forge understanding, allyships and relationships that will benefit the sector.

In this inaugural scheme we plan to match fifteen mentees with fifteen mentors, all PGGB Members, to learn about how they can develop their careers, deal with a dilemma or make the leap into next role, from the very best.

The Programme will last six months, with mentors and mentees carefully assessed and matched to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Mentees will be selected based upon applications, in which they will be asked to outline their aims, ambitions and specific interests.​ Mentors will then be matched accordingly. 

Why Mentor/Mentee?

Mentoring is beneficial for both mentors and mentees. Mentees undergo a journey of discovery, scaffolding their futures, whilst gaining priceless insights from some of the most successful personnel in their fields in the sector.

Mentors have an opportunity to utilising their career experiences and reflect on their own work. They also have an opportunity to widen their skillset by developing as mentors.

Who is the PGGB Membership Mentoring Programme for?

Mentees are members of The Production Guild of Great Britain, either full or supplementary. It is most likely that Mentors will have full memberships, as the credits required for full membership mirror the baseline desired experience for being Mentors.

How does it work?

We recommend that pairings meet once a month, for one hour, over the course of six months (totalling six sessions). 

Once we have selected & matched mentees and mentors, our team will be in touch to understand your availability and your first session will be arranged and confirmed with you by PGGB. After this, the remaining five sessions should be arranged by pairings. 

We understand that pairings may have other responsibilities to attend to during their day-to-day, so we encourage flexibility where needed when scheduling your sessions. They do not need to be an hour long, and they do not need to be every month, on the occasions where you might need to alter your schedules. Pairings should aim to complete six hours of mentoring as a minimum, in six months. 

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Email with the subject
‘Membership Mentoring Programme’


Ruby Avards

Ruby joined The Production Guild of Great Britain in 2012, and entered the industry through our APATS Programme.After a decade of freelancing in Accounts,…

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David Brown

David is a vastly-experienced Producer who has worked in both features and HETV for over forty years.Based primarily in Scotland but with a history of…

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Ali James

Ali James moved into the role of Production Manager a few years ago, having come up through Locations in the preceding twenty years. Ali started out as…

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Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill is a vastly-experienced Financial Controller who has worked in the Accounts Department for over 25 years.Starting out as Assistant Accountant…

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Elian Strong

Elian Strong started in the film and TV industry at the age of 17, spending many years at the BBC, working for Head of Video Production, Head of Drama…

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Lulu Morgan

Unit Production Manager Lulu Morgan has worked in the industry since the mid-90s, in a variety of roles in production management. She was Production Supervisor…

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Ewelina Dziedzic

Ewelina Dziedzic graduated from the Production Management course at the National Film and Television School with a scholarship from Sargent Disc in 2021.…

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Tom Moore

Tom Moore is an Assistant Account, who started as an accounts trainee working on Artemis Fowl and Peterloo in 2017. He has since worked as an Assistant…

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Claire Gibson

Claire Gibson Line Produced her first feature film, The Wasp, starring Naomie Harris and Natalie Dormer, in 2022 and went on to Line Produce a Land of…

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Adrian Devane

Adrian Devane is a Line Producer and Production Manager with credits including Doctor Who, Gangs of London, The Witcher and Tetris.

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Jane Glover

Jane Glover is a Production Accountant who started as Payroll Accountant on My Policeman in 2021. She has since worked on Trying, Lift, Maestro and The…

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Rachela Oanda Dumitru

Rachela Oanda Dumitru started out working as an Accounts Assistant on Small Axe in 2019. She has since worked as an Assistant Accountant on Silo, and…

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