Land away double flying lessons for one person

Donated by Media Insurance Brokers

Learn to fly a real aircraft with this fantastic flying lesson experience. 

Your expert instructor will guide you through a full briefing when you arrive at your chosen airfield. You will be taken up on your first of two 30 minute flights where you will observe as your instructor talks you through piloting the aircraft, showing you the basic manoeuvres you will need to learn in order control the plane yourself. Back on solid ground and it’s your turn to put your new skills to the test as you finally take the controls for the second of the flights. The instructor will be on hand to guide you as you soar through the clouds at up to 2000ft. Upon landing, you will be de-briefed before being presented with a signed certificate that can be used towards a full pilots licence!

Media Insurance is an international insurance broker offering specialist services to all areas of the media industry. In particular, we provide insurance services to film and television producers.

Established in 1990, Media Insurance has grown and positioned itself as one of the leading brokers in the industry. Key to this success is our focus on personalised customer service and 24/7 availability. We offer competitive terms and an unparalleled level of service through pre-production risk appraisal, during principal photography and in claims settlement.

Our international presence, with offices in Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London as well as Los Angeles, makes us better able to deal with the specific needs of the location you are filming in.

We are also members of Media Insurance Network which is an organisation of specialist media brokers throughout the World. This Network allows local assistance and guidance to our clients wherever they are filming.

We are constantly placing cover for a wide range of productions supporting the film and television industry worldwide. Whether you are making a large mainstream film or an independent television programme Media Insurance will help to determine the most appropriate cover. In addition to Production and Errors & Omissions insurance, we also provide ancillary covers, wherever appropriate, to address the bespoke needs of any given production.

Celebrating the best in UK production at the PG Awards 2018

The Production Guild Awards provides the opportunity for the best in UK film and TV drama production to come together to celebrate excellence.