Departments and grades that we represent

We represent and support senior and junior professionals working across accounts, production, assistant directing, location management, post production and VFX.

Membership grades for full membership indicate that the individual has completed at least three projects in their applicable category for at least three different senior practitioners. Supplementary grade requires one credit in one of these categories.

Full, Supplementary and Overseas Membership

  • Executive Producers, Producers
  • VFX Producers
  • Financial Controllers , Production Accountants
  • Line Producers, Co-Producers, Unit Production Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Production Supervisors
  • VFX Supervisors
  • Production Co-ordinators
  • VFX Co-ordinators
  • Assistant Production Co-ordinators
  • Assistant Accountants
  • 1st Assistant Directors, 2nd Assistant Directors
  • Location Managers
  • Unit Managers
  • Assistant Location Managers
  • Post Production Supervisors
  • Post Production Co-ordinators

Permanently Employed Grades

  • Administrator
  • Accountant
  • Studio Management
  • Head Of Production
  • Financial Controller
  • Financier

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