Member Grade
Contact Details
Application Type
Foreign Experience
UK Regions and Nations Experience
Computer Experience

Please only select software if you have used it as a key tool within your job.

Other Relevant Experience
Other Training Programmes Completed
Criminal Convictions

I confirm that I have no unspent criminal convictions in accordance with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and have never been convicted of a crime relating to fraud or dishonesty (whether spent or unspent).

If you are unable to confirm that you have no unspent criminal convictions or no prior convictions connected to fraud or dishonesty, please disclose full details of the relevant your conviction.

Such previous convictions may be taken into account by the PG board when reviewing your membership application, as described in the code of conduct. If your membership is approved and we subsequently find that you have failed to disclose the requested details above, the PG board reserves the right to terminate your membership immediately without notice.

Diversity and Inclusion Data

All information submitted within this section is optional to answer. Data from this section will be treated as confidential and not publicly accessible. This data will help us to understand how broad the scope of PGGB membership is and how we can continue to open up membership to a wide reach of people across the creative industries.

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