If you meet the eligibility criteria you can apply for membership easily online. Each application goes through a rigorous application procedure with our Membership Committee. The deadlines for applications are Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st and Nov 1st.

To apply, please send a CV or IMDB link to the office on [javascript protected email address] to receive a link to the application form.

The application form will ask you for your relevant skills and experience, your film and TV drama credits and contact details for your referees. Please ensure you have the required number of credits and referees for the type of application you’re applying for and if you are unsure about your application in any way please speak to the PG team on on +44(0)203 427 4400 or email her at [javascript protected email address]

After completing your application form, you will be prompted to make payment of the application fee. Once the application fee is submitted we will receive your completed application.

You application will then be sent to the Production Guild membership committee for their next available membership meeting. The committee meet four times per year and we therefore process new applications quarterly. The deadlines for applications are Feb 1st, May 1st, Aug 1st and Nov 1st annually.

If your application is successful with the membership committee, it will go before the Production Guild board for approval and we will then advise successful applicants of the category to which they have been appointed.

The process of application will usually take approx. 6 weeks depending on the return of references.

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