Nigel Goldsack - Producer

Nigel was a highly experienced and well known film producer whose career spanned across five decades.

Beginning his career as a runner in the mid-1970s with one of his first roles being on The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Nigel moved through the ranks of location managing, assistant directing, production managing and ultimately producing.

Over his career, he gave his experience to productions working across five continents and over 30 countries.

Some of Nigel’s credits include Ripley’s Game, Casualties of War, Spies Like Us, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999), Head in the Clouds, the bond films The World is Not Enough, and Tomorrow Never Dies, The Secret Garden, and many more!

He also worked with a number of leading brands who utilised his production expertise including Coca Cola, Ford, Harrods, Kuwait Airways, Jaguar, and Bentley Bugatti GTMC.

We know that Nigel was a fantastic colleague and a dear friend to many PG members and that he will be sorely missed.

You can see details of Nigel's career here: IMDb | IMDb Pro.

Memories of Nigel
On this page, we will share your stories of the good times spent with Nigel. If you'd like to send in your memories, please e-mail [javascript protected email address] and we will post them here for everyone to see.

John Dodds, Producer
"Nigel and I started as runners together in the mid 70's. We clicked instantly and became great friends. We were both film nuts and loved working on films, talking about films and going to the cinema all the time!! I loved his passion for the business and his wonderful sense of humour. We did several films together in different grades on our way up the film industry ladder. It was wonderful to see and share his move to the job of producer and I am so grateful to have worked with him in this capacity on THE MERCHANT OF VENICE...with me as the AD. We had so many great times catching up and gossipping outrageously between jobs all over the world. I miss him terribly and can't believe he won't be at a table in Bafta next time I go in. A charming, funny and very decent man...and great at his job too.

RIP Nigel. Love John Dodds"

Alison Small, CEO, The Production Guild of Great Britain
""RIP Nigel, my friend.  You have left a big whole in many people’s lives. It was an honour to have known you."

Martin Codd, Director
When I think of Nigel I think of stories; whether it’s him telling one of his tall tales, or being in a story with him.

I really first experienced this on a Harrods job, with Nigel setting the goal of eating in all 26 bars and restaurants during the course of the project…he always got his priorities right. We then departed for Indonesia where Nigel smoothed our way through security and customs on 12 internal flights with 17 road-boxes, with his characteristic English charm and a fair amounted of folded dollar bills about his person!

Most recently I found myself working with Nigel in the US - attracting the attention of snakes, scorpions, local liquor, leaping cacti, Russian billionaire bikers and armed state patrolmen. As always, Nigel at the centre of the action!

Our departing gesture to the States, and indeed the last time we were together, was to skip hand-in-hand into the Pacific Ocean and swim like dolphins – magical memories.

I have learnt so much from Nigel, far beyond the film industry. I am deeply sad about his passing, but this is totally eclipsed by my happiness in having the pleasure of spending such happy and formative times with him.

I miss him very much, but he lives on in the fact that when 2 or more of us film-folk are gathered together over a drink - conversation will inevitably turn to a Nigel Goldsack story."

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