Church House Westminster - Our Awards Venue

Church House Westminster

 Located in the heart of London adjacent to Westminster Abbey, Church House Westminster’s main entrance is within the beautiful Dean’s Yard. They are perfectly situated to take advantage of everything London has to offer and guests will be able to enjoy stunning views of Westminster Abbey and access major attractions in the area, such as the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park and just across the river, The London Eye. Excellent transport links from within London and outside the capital make them one of the most accessible venues in central London.

Assembly Hall

Built in 1939 the stunning Grade II Assembly Hall was designed by world renowned architect Sir Herbert Baker. Natural light streams through the 15 arched windows onto the gallery level but can be darkened if required. The polished English oak panelling and emblems sit beneath the room’s architectural focal point - a striking 30-foot glass dome.

Hoare Memorial Hall

Steeped in history, the Hoare Memorial Hall has a stately atmosphere and played host to the House of Commons for a period during the Second World War. Its elegant oak-panelling, Art Deco Chandeliers, built-in stage and gallery gives the room a strong personality. The hall is often used in conjunction with the Assembly Hall but is an alternative venue in its own right for conferences, seminars, receptions and dinners