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Tim Field

VFX Producer / Co-Producer

Tim Field has been working in VFX for 40 years, starting as a teaboy at Pinewood Studios and gaining experience working in physical, optical, digital and miniature effects on major feature films before starting to produce special visual effects. 

During his career he has also produced various commercials, short films and film units specializing in Special and Visual Effects. Tim has also spent part of his career running both special effects (Effects Associates) and visual effects (OFE & The Senate) service companies. 

Credits as Visual Effects Producer have included Stardust, Batman Begins, Les Misérables, Under the skin and Bohemian Rhapsody.

In 2016 Tim was consultant and VFX Producer on Ex Machina which was BAFTA nominated and achieved an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.

More recently Tim is looking to Co-Produce and help develop effects heavy projects and has acted as Co-Producer on Horizon Line for SF Studios and Tuesday for A24 / BBC.

Tim was the VFX Producer on I Wanna Dance with Somebody currently on general release.