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Digital Humans and Advanced VFX for Film and TV

When: Thu 23rd Feb 2023 1pm - 1:30pm

With Goodbye Kansas Studios

Goodbye Kansas VFX Supervisors will reveal the secrets of creating digital humans and advanced VFX. They will talk about new technologies and approaches to create the compelling and believable effects in the most effective and smartest way.

Designing and creating life-like creatures and characters is one of their specialities at Goodbye Kansas. Thier creatures and characters department are creating realistic animals, fantastic beasts and digital humans on a daily basis. They also specialize in advanced VFX, including complex FX like water and fire.

If you’re a film or TV producer wanting to find out more how this could help your future productions come and join the masterclass.

Felipe Borges (VFX Supervisor), Rob Andrews (VFX Supervisor), Joel Lindman (VFX Supervisor)

Goodbye Kansas Studios is an award-winning studio that offers uniquely integrated services for feature films, TV series, commercials, games and game trailers. Expertise includes VFX, FX, CG productions, 3D Face & Body Scanning, Digital Humans, Creature & Character design, Performance Capture, Animation and RealTime expertise. The company, with a staff of 250+ is part of Goodbye Kansas Group with main studios in London and Stockholm.

Thier previous projects include TV series such as ‘See’, 'Vigil', 'Halo', 'Cowboy Bebop', ‘Carnival Row’, 'The Irregulars', 'Outlander', 'Behind Her Eyes' and films 'The French Dispatch', '355', 'Eternals' and many more.