Fri 8th Sep 2017

The event was introduced by Jen Smith, head of inclusion at the BFI and chaired by Alison Small, chief executive of the Production Guild. To see images from the night and a full list of our panellists click here.

An advisory document from the event is now available for members which covers:

• The law - the 2010 Equality Act, positive discrimination, positive action, the Rooney Rule, the collection of data about individuals.

• The BFI Diversity Standards - how they affect BFI film funded productions, what areas the standards cover, qualification for BAFTA Awards.

• Definitions for common terms that are currently used within the topic of inclusive employment.

• Different avenues to be mindful of during the processes of freelance recruitment on production.

• The benefits of inclusive recruitment.

• Contact details - for industry organisations that can advise you and for the eight companies who spoke at the event.

Click here to download the document or view in our resources area here. Please note members will have to be logged in to view the document.