Code of Conduct

The Production Guild of Great Britain

To become a member of the Production Guild, a standard of competence coupled with experience and expertise in a field of the UK film or TV Drama industry is required.

The Production Guild will seek to maintain the highest standards of membership so that members will signify their membership with pride in the same way that other professional organisations attest the excellence of their fellows.

Members of the Production Guild will not behave in any way which will bring the PG or any members into disrepute.


Members must warrant they can perform the services that are required for the grade in which they are represented, and must ensure they are represented in the grade in which they are working.

For more information on the specific requirements of membership, please visit the membership pages of our website


Membership is offered on an annual basis only (April to March), and if a member wishes to resign, cancellation of their membership will be implemented from the next April 1st .

If a member does not work on the whole length of a production, they must specify the length of time that they did work on it.

Members in the UK are required to register to Gocardless scheme to make direct debit payments to PG, which allows for timely payments. Members are also asked to maintain these details throughout the year.

Members must ensure their profile page is regularly updated and credit listing is up to date.

When applying for membership to PG, named referees must be contacted by the applicant to ensure they are aware of the process before the application is submitted.

If an applicant is unsuccessful, no further application for membership may be made for a period of twelve months, unless otherwise notified.


Observation and compliance with the law should be of paramount importance to all members and the PG will spare no effort to maintain its standing in the industry. The Production Guild aims to achieve worldwide recognition by the quality of its membership. Should a member receive a criminal conviction which may affect the work in which they are engaged in any capacity, the PG board has the right to remove them from membership.

All members must be aware of and compliant with the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


The Production Guild believes that good management is essential and members are encouraged to foster good relationships with their peers and their juniors, and must be seen to promote fairness and professionalism within the law.


The Production Guild values its reputation for integrity. Members should aspire to high levels of integrity in business practice and professional conduct that will reflect positively on the membership.


Confidentiality in business is a general condition of employment for most companies. Similarly, the Production Guild requests that members keep the business of PG working groups, the PG board, committees and any other such internal groups confidential.


Members should avoid any conflict between their personal interests and those of their employing company or the development of the UK film or TV drama industry. Maintenance of the Production Guild’s good name requires that those in positions of responsibility not only avoid conflicts, but also avoid any appearance of impropriety that could be open to question. The PG believes that an essential tenet of good management should be objectivity unaffected by factors likely to compromise good judgement.


The Production Guild is committed to equality of opportunity and has an equality and diversity policy which can be viewed here. PG members are urged to follow similar policies and recognises the rights of members to work in an environment free from victimisation, bullying or harassment.


The Production Guild believes that alcohol and drug abuse have no place in the working environment of the British Film and TV Industry. While acknowledging that personal liberty is important to everyone, there can be no excuse when such substances are allowed to interfere with a member's responsibility for safety and efficiency.


All members must observe the statutory provisions for health and safety at work especially those in a position of management responsibility. Members must take reasonable care at work in respect of health and safety both for themselves and others.


If a complaint is being made against a Production Guild member:

  • A letter detailing the matter at issue must be sent to the chief executive of the Production Guild.
  • The letter shall be forwarded by the chief executive to the chair, vice chairs and treasurer (the executive committee). The executive committee will consider whether the complaint may be a possible serious violation of the Production Guild's code of conduct
  • The Chair will attempt to settle the matter informally and amicably if possible.
  • Failing this action the Executive Committee and / or their elected representatives on the board will seek to resolve the matter within fourteen days of receipt of the letter detailing the matter at issue.
  • If appropriate, legal or professional advice may be sought.
  • If the executive committee has failed to agree, the matter can be referred by either party to the Production Guild board and the majority decision of the board will be final.
  • • In every case, unless very special circumstances apply, matters referred to the
  • executive committee shall remain confidential to the board.
  • The executive committee or the board may decide that disciplinary action be taken against the member if they are found to be in breach of the code of conduct. Such action may include suspension, and in extreme cases, expulsion.

If a complaint is being made against a Production Guild member of staff:

  • A letter detailing the matter at issue must be sent to the chief executive of the Production Guild. If the complaint is against the chief executive, a letter must be sent to the chair of the Production Guild.
  • The CEO or the chair will deal with the complaint, and where necessary will follow the PG’s disciplinary procedure, as outlined in the PG staff handbook.

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