Box Rentals

A Best Practice Guide from the Production Guild

Box rentals

It is the responsibility of the freelancer to test, service, insure and repair the equipment they supply.

Productions should therefore ask to see:

  • PAT (portable appliance testing) test certificates;
  • Proof of ownership;
  • Maintenance schedules;
  • Insurance certification (including public liability and indemnities);
  • Stress tests for cranes and other lifting systems, including compliance with LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998);
  • Risk assessments

Best practice

Ideally, all equipment listed should be seen by productions, photographed and logged with serial numbers

Before individual freelancers are hired on a production, the deal regarding box rental should be agreed. Alternatively, kit could be hired to the production by the rental houses, who would then do the deal with the freelancers.

For the purpose of HMRC inspections, the value of the box rental should not be over inflated.

Two recommended ways of calculating the weekly box rental figure are:

  1. Agree one-third of the value of the kit, and divide that by the number of weeks of the shoot.
    Example for a 16-week shoot – if the kit has a value of £3000, one-third = £1,000. Divide £1000 by 16 weeks = £62.50 per week
  2. Divide the value of the kit by 52 weeks so in one year, you never pay more that the value of the kit.
    Example - if the kit has a value of £3000, divided by 52 = £57.70 per week

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