Production Guild Good Practice

The Production Guild seeks to maintain the highest standards of membership, and promotes good values and practice for professionals working within the Film and TV industries

PGGB good practice
Code of Conduct

The Production Guild of Great Britain will seek to maintain the highest standards of membership so that members will signify their membership with pride in the same way that other professional organisations attest the excellence of their fellows.

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Part Time Work & Job-Sharing

The Production Guild have become aware recently that there are increasing numbers of PG members (and non-members) who are choosing NOT to work in production, because taking on a job is likely to involve very long hours.

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An inclusive culture for our members and trainees

The Production Guild aims for its services to be delivered equitably and meet the diverse needs of our members and trainees. We also strive to provide equal access to opportunities to those entering the industry.

How we support diversity
Anti-bullying and harassment principles launched for screen industries

The Production Guild has helped to support the first Set of Principles and Guidance to tackle bullying and harassment, specifically tailored to the screen industries.

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