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Polaris Medical Services

Polaris Medical Services is the leading provider of medical care in the film and television industry.

With over 20 years’ experience of providing care to artists and crew alike, we have worked all over the globe in every location you can think of, both on and off set. In an industry with global reach, we understand the needs of our clients and work with them to create a bespoke package wherever they may be.

Polaris Medical services are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) 1-2953051590. The healthcare regulator in the United Kingdom and we are the only private provider in our sector to achieve the rating of “Outstanding”.

Polaris Medical is uniquely qualified as a medical provider as it is the only medical company in the film industry that has a specialist division that answers 999 calls on behalf of the NHS. Polaris Medical also operates its own training academy and teaches a wide level of courses around the world. From First Aid to BSc in Paramedic Science and quite a bit else in between.

  • On Land. We provide Ambulances, Cars and 4x4 Off road vehicles, as well as Individual Medics for construction, locations or remote areas.
  • By Sea. We provide Rhib and small watercraft with onboard specialist trained staff.
  • By Air. Helicopter (Helimed) standby and airlift if necessary. We have special aeromedical trained staff and provide repatriation services should they be needed.
  • All staff are professionally trained, registered, and experienced in their own speciality as well as the film and Television industry.
  • Going abroad? We can source your medical requirements globally.
  • We provide walk-in and travel vaccination services for productions and individuals from our Medical Centre at Pinewood Studios and have the ability to bring the service to you if needed.
  • If you need training we can teach you with bespoke courses tailored for creative media.


At Polaris we understand the creative media industry and the need to adapt with it. Right from our first credit back in the early 90’s everything we do is tailored to the requirements of the productions we work with. From the top of a glacier to the bottom of an underwater shoot, from the deserts of the Sahara to the high-rise of a Metropolis. Polaris is a company built to adapt to different needs and problem solving is at the very core of what we do. That is why we have over 150 credits to our name.