Farm Locations is a niche locations agency. They specialise purely on farms and are focused on making it easy and sustainable to film in Britain’s rural landscape.

The agency was founded by Jo Thompson in 2015 combining her farming and media background into a match-making service, allowing farmers and landowners to diversify, and for clients to search for and secure an ideal farm location with ease.

The portfolio of farms is 100+, mainly in the South East and most are exclusive to Farm Locations. From vast modern working farms to pretty small holdings, the variety is extensive, and all are hosted by film-friendly owners.

It is their deep understanding of farming and of production, combined with our passion for doing things the right way, that means the personal service they deliver is proving great value in the industry.

When the location library might not fulfil a particular brief, they use their database and wide network of farming connections to best find further options for clients.