Eco Shoots Ltd provides comprehensive sustainable solutions for filming and photography on location across the South West of England and South Wales.

Eco Shoots Ltd was founded and is managed by experienced Location Managers Poppy Gordon Clark and Monty Till. Having first-hand experience of the waste created by film sets and seeing it go into landfill day after day, with no recycling options, we were spurred on to make on-set and base recycling a reality and so we opened Eco Shoots. We are registered suppliers with Albert along with the Green Production Guide in the US.

Once we started to supply our popular on-set recycling stations, we began planning the next phase, which means we now offer a full range of services. In addition to the waste and recycling system, the range includes hydrogen towerlights, hydrogen CCTV masts, reusable matting, compost loo trailers, Fairtrade office supplies, bamboo unit signs and sustainable on-set water solutions.

We are very excited to also be the first regional supplier of Volt Stacks – emission-free generators which can be used inside or out, without lengthy cable runs and nasty fumes.

Through our experience working on productions, we have endeavoured to make implementing our service as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our work in both Locations for Film & TV, together with Production for Stills, Commercials & Events has allowed us to work up some innovative and cost-effective solutions to combat some of the industry’s biggest eco struggles.

In terms of Covid-19, we supply PPE recycling stations, vegan hand wash and hot water sinks. We have a Covid-19 Safety Management Statement and Risk Assessment in place.

We understand the flexibility required for shooting on location and appreciate schedules often change.

With this in mind we always facilitate those late changes and won’t let you down. Please visit our website to learn more about the services we offer and we look forward to speaking soon if you’d like to discuss how Eco Shoots can support your production in achieving its green targets.