Cavendish Health provides expert, reassuring and discreet support in all areas of healthcare and medical treatment.

With their international network of best-in-class clinicians and facilities, they deliver a seamless, all-encompassing service with rapid help and guidance when you need it most.

They take care of every detail flawlessly, whether facilitating bookings, interfacing with your insurer or accompanying you to appointments. With decades of healthcare experience and an extensive, world-class medical network, they look after your health with reassurance and without delay.

Cavendish Health offering includes;


  • Rapid access to best-in-class imaging and pathology facilities on a global basis.


  • Provision of nutritionists, physios and complete preventative medicine packages

Primary Care:

  • Onsite primary care centres for production companies, with both doctors & nurses available
  • Provision of home-visit GPs


  • Medical advice, embedded infection control and covid testing provision for production companies.

Concierge Medical Management:

  • Full scope private medical concierge service including the provision of their bespoke medical history disregarded insurance package.
  • Primary Care physician and individual case managers assigned to each member to simplify the client journey.