Another year of producing excellence

Throughout 2017 The Production Guild worked with members and industry bodies to protect the future success of the UK production industry and as a result protect future work for our members.

Take a look at the development of our work in 2017 to help support our members including:

~ the increase of availability requests and increase in membership
~ the success of intense industrial relations negotiations
~ online services developed for our members
~ high profile events and new evening seminars for members
~ in depth new training courses and weekend workshops for members

The Production Guild membership is growing

Membership continues to grow as it has done for several years. There are currently 972 active members, which shows a net increase of around 5% from the previous year.

Event highlights

The farm event
Networking drinks at The Farm
Thu 25th May 2017 7:00pm

Members and selected industry guests celebrated the launch of the new website at The Farm's new bar and roof terrace in Soho. We'd like to thank The Farm Group for kindly hosting, sponsoring and providing drinks and food for the event.

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PG summer drinks
The Production Guild Summer Drinks
Wed 14th Jun 2017 6:30pm

The weather could not have been more perfect for our Summer Drinks hosted and sponsored by The ME London Hotel. We'd like to thank the ME London Hotel for hosting the evening, their fantastic service and providing complimentary cocktails, drinks and…

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Anthony waye star wars
An evening with Anthony Waye
Wed 15th Nov 2017 7:30pm

From mail boy to executive producer, Anthony’s illustrious career began more than 60 years ago. Our 'Evening with Anthony Waye' on 15 November was a rare insight into the career of one of Britain’s leading figures in film production.

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PG Christmas drinks 2017
The Production Guild Christmas Drinks sponsored by Pinewood and The Langham
Mon 27th Nov 2017 12:00am

Over 200 guests attended our spectacular Christmas Party Drinks in association with Pinewood Studios Group and The Langham in 2017.

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A busy year for availability and jobs

2017 saw a substantial increase in the number availability requests from productions as well as members creating their own new availability lists online.

Companies supporting the new member's online services

A special thanks to the companies who advertised with us in 2017

Company Partners

The Production Guild now has 113 company partners which represents a year-on-year increase of over 10%. We would like to thank all our partners for supporting the work of our members and providing valuable services to the industry.

Seminar highlights
US Payroll and Unions Workshops and Seminar
Sat 11th Feb 2017 12:00am

Aimed to equip UK Film Production Accounting grades with the knowledge and skills of operating US payroll and understanding of US unions we ran a two-part course which consisted of an evening seminar in central London followed by a two day workshop.

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Production Question Time in association with Sargent-Disc
Thu 30th Mar 2017 1:00am

Sargent-Disc and The Production Guild invited their members and affiliates to a Production Question Time seminar, hosted by The May Fair Hotel, which asked a panel of industry experts questions about the hot production issues of today.

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HMRC and FEU rules and regulations for employing crew and talent
Tue 11th Jul 2017 7:00pm

Production Guild affiliate Clay Knox ran an evening seminar designed to guide members, primarily Production Accountants, through HMRC and FEU rules and regulations for employing UK and international crew and talent.

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who is in your crew
London Film Festival Who's in your crew panelists 2017

On Friday 8th September, the BFI held a Who's in your crew panel at the London Film Festival. The event was introduced by Jen Smith, head of inclusion at the BFI and chaired by Alison Small, chief executive of the Production Guild.

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Online videos for members in 2017

We know our members are busy and often not able to attend evening seminars. In 2017 we continued to film seminars when this was possible. Click through to watch. This is member only content, so if you are a member please remember to log in to view the…

Industrial relations success in 2017

During 2017, Chief Executive Alison Small and a group of highly experienced and respected PG members continued to support PACT in their negotiations with BECTU on the major motion feature film agreement. The negotiations were intensive, but successful.

Training highlights
Line Producer (Film) Workshop Series

In February 2017, we ran a series of workshops designed to assist the continual career progression for line producers wanting to enhance their skills and production managers, production accountants and location managers looking to progress their careers.

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US high-end TV series shooting in the UK

As the demand for UK production accountants and production managers with experience of US TV drama shows increases, PG and the British Film Commission hosted a training day to look at the practicalities of running a US High End TV show in the UK.

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New Training Icon Prod Acc
Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting
Sat 6th Oct 2018 9:30am

SOLD OUT Two weekend courses in October 2018 designed for attendees to gain a greater understanding of the whole scheduling and budgeting process and feel confident using the Movie Magic software on their productions.

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New resources for PG members

Discover all of the latest industry documents and guidance available to PG members

New website features include

We were delighted to launch our brand new website in 2017 with plenty of new and improved features for members, company partners, and industry.

Enhanced Production Database

Members can now perform more powerful searches to find current productions of most interest.

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Ability to create and share shortlists

Our updated member search area adds the new ability for members to create and share their own PDF or digital shortlists directly through the website.

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Get the information you need faster

With the recent move to a new server, the PG website now loads pages and information faster than ever.

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Provide more accurate availability data to productions

We’ve added more blocks of availability so that members can make their availability clearer to productions whenever necessary.

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2017 was an incredibly busy year for members and our priority has been to support you in your work, and contributing to the success and growth of the UK film and TV drama industry

Alison Small, CEO, The Production Guild

Our board

Guy Barker - Chair

Guy Barker is a financial controller and has been chair of the Production Guild board since 2015, having previously been treasurer. He is also a member of the membership committee.Starting as an assistant accountant on Just William for the BBC in 1994,…

Kevin Trehy - Vice Chair

Kevin Trehy sat on The Production Guild Board as chair since 2005 and became Vice-Chair in 2015. As Chair of the Production Guild, Kevin was responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organisation, and ensuring that its aims and objectives…

Natalie Moore - Treasurer

Natalie has worked as a Production Accountant on a range of shows including Dunkirk, Locke and The Last King of Scotland. More recently she can be found working as a Finance Executive at Warner Bros. Natalie has a passion for training up new talent…

Jo Burn

Starting as a Producer’s Assistant, Jo immediately knew that the production route was for her. When she was offered the opportunity to production manage in 1996 she leapt at the chance. In those days, the opportunity for a woman to progress from Production…

Andrew Noakes

Andrew has worked in the accounts department in the industry since 1982 and has worked on the last twelve James Bond films with Eon Productions. On Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) Andrew was promoted to financial controller, then in 2006 he was promoted to…

Debbie Vertue

Having started life as a runner and then working her way through the ranks of assistant director on films, TV and a few years on commercials, Debbie is now Director of Operations at Hartswood Films. She is an avid supporter of the Production Guild and…

Alex Boden

Alex enjoys being at the centre of the film industry in the UK and increasingly internationally through Pistachio Pictures, launched in 1999. With films selected by 500+ festivals, productions range from independent European to US studio and include…

Steve Clark-Hall

Steve joined the board of The Production Guild in 2011 and has previously served as vice-chair. He is a well-established producer working on both major studio feature films, TV Series and independent British films. Steve brings to the PG board his…

Brian Donovan

Brian is a member of the membership committee of the Production Guild.As a line producer, Brian has experience of a wide range of budget levels from TV and low budget features up to and including US major features both at home and abroad.His career has…

Ali Moshref

Ali has been a Production Executive at Film Finances Limited since 2011, working on between 10 and 15 projects a year. Film Finances provides completion guarantees to film producers. Ali’s work involves all aspects of the making of a film from financing,…

Iain Smith

Iain Smith is a long-standing and fully committed member of the Production Guild and has served on the board several times over the years.Iain supports the Production Guild staff in a multitude of different areas and is often available to the board,…

Stephen Bristow

Stephen is the Partner in the Film and Television Unit at media accountants Saffery Champness. He specialises in providing strategic policy advice to global media companies and their leaders.He has been deeply involved in the policy development of independent…

Moses Nyachae

Moses is a partner in the Film and TV Team at Saffery Champness, providing specialist advice on accessing and maximising the UK Film, High-End TV, Animation and Video Games Tax Credits.Over the last nine years, Moses has advised a number of major and…

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is set up to ensure that all new applicants meet the professional requirements needed to gain membership to The Production Guild. The committee consists of dedicated and experienced production professionals.

Our Business Partners

The Production Guild works very closely with our Business Partners. They offer vital support to The Production Guild and its members through funding and sponsorship of our key services and events, as well as the ongoing sharing of knowledge and experience to ensure the UK stays at the centre of film and TV drama production.

Celebrating the best in UK production at the PG Awards 2018

The Production Guild Awards provides the opportunity for the best in UK film and TV drama production to come together to celebrate excellence.