Esther Reynolds

We spend most of our daylight hours at our place of work (all of them in winter) and I came to the conclusion that, if I am going to dedicate this significant time to work, I want to spend it in an environment that evokes joy, passion and love.

Whilst in the latter stages of completing my AAT studies, I sort out a role that had the potential to fulfil these virtues and at the same time as putting my knowledge to good use. I learnt about the existence of APATS whilst attending an AAT seminar and I was convinced that I had found the industry for me.

I am a performing arts graduate and have yet to use my qualification and see being part of APATS as a great opportunity to utilise the degree I worked hard to achieve and combine it with my accounting qualification. Though I gained satisfaction from my previous role, it was not within an environment in which I could truly realise my full potential. I have gained invaluable knowledge from the training scheme thus far and I look forward to the unique experience each placement will bring and seizing every opportunity they have to offer. 

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