Business Partners

The Production Guild values the collaboration and close working relationship we have with our Business Partners. This is a tailored partnership to ensure that The Production Guild's work is supported and at the same time we meet your company’s specific business objectives.

We value the close working relationship we have with our Business Partners all of whom are a select group of key companies who provide vital services and support to the UK film and TV drama industry.

Our Business Partners branding and logos appear prominently throughout our website and all our promotional materials, including our weekly e-bulletin. Our partners also are offered first option on website advertising opportunities and event sponsorship.

We also run tailored events and seminars for our members with our Business Partners.

Other benefits include:

  • direct and regular contact with the UK’s decision makers and budget holders on production spend
  • access to the our on-line production tracking service, possibly the most authoritative database on incoming and domestic feature film and television drama production in the UK and EU
  • access to industry guidance notes on a range of UK and EU legal and industrial issues such as employment, Working Time Directive, UK production tax breaks, and collective bargaining agreements
  • access to an ongoing and regular industry seminar programme where the real issues impacting on film and TV production are discussed and best practice is supported and encouraged
  • details of your company, its services and key personnel featured in the PG website with searchable categories
  • direct contact with the PG membership via mailings, e-bulletins and specially organised social and networking events in-company or at the PG offices at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden Park
  • the opportunity to display The Production Guild's logo on your website and promotional materials

Our Business Partners

The Production Guild works very closely with our Business Partners. They offer vital support to The Production Guild and its members through funding and sponsorship of our key services and events, as well as the ongoing sharing of knowledge and experience to ensure the UK stays at the centre of film and TV drama production.

Being a Business Partner of The Production Guild is very valuable to Panavision because the majority of our clients in film and television drama are Production Guild members whom we work with very closely. Through their regular updates and members section of the website we can keep informed about issues affecting Production Guild members and the production community as a whole. We also take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities at their high profile events, where we can socialise with our members and clients.

Hugh Whittaker, Director of Panavision Europe

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