Rachel Thresher

Next available from June 2019. 

I'm really enthusiastic about starting my career in production accounting. I have very strong communication skills and a very logical mind-set, as well as a positive attitude. I have previously worked in retail stores that have developed my accountancy skills and ability to work well in a fast-paced environment. Completing work experience at companies such as StudioCanal, Annex Films and Sheffield Documentary Festival (2017), I've learned the importance of organisational skills and have gained great understanding of the way the film industry works, from financing to distribution. I have worked as a Casting Director and Production Designer on short-film University projects, where I have used Movie Magic software to budget departments. I have also been involved in the creation of very successful Indiegogo campaigns, thus gaining knowledge on film financing. I am extremely competent in Microsoft computer software. I am a hard-worker, flexible and adapt well to new working environments. 

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